When deadlines are looming and the workload seems to never slow down, it can be tough to stay excited about the work you’re doing. But if your team loses sight of your mission, you may find they’re putting in hours of work each day without feeling connected to the reason for it. Over time, that can easily lead to burnout.

As your team’s leader, it’s important to find ways to keep your employees inspired. This starts by making sure you’re inspired yourself. Refocus on your mission, take a long look at your goals, and follow these helpful tips to pass your excitement on to your team.

Understand Them

The first step in inspiring your team is to know what inspires them. Some employees are motivated by recognition, while others thrive on friendly competition. Make sure you truly listen when your team members talk and take note of when each person seems to be most excited by the work you’re doing. Over time, you can develop a strategy that boosts morale the most.

Show Appreciation

For salaried workers, working hard, day after day, can be demotivating when most of the new revenue being generated is going into the business’s bank account. Many workers today actually prefer recognition over additional money. If your team has worked especially hard to make a project a success, reward them with a day off or a catered lunch.

Set Goals Together

If you’re setting goals alone, then passing on the tasks associated with each goal to your team, you’re missing a valuable opportunity. When you loop your team in on your upcoming projects, they’ll be more invested in their success. Work together to come up with milestone dates and, as you reach them, celebrate hitting each goal together.

Avoid Meeting Fatigue

Take a look at your meetings. Is it the same routine every time? Look for ways to shake things up a little. Instead of sitting around a conference table, take your meeting outdoors or have the type of quick stand-up meetings that are becoming popular. Make sure your meetings give employees a chance to ask questions and voice concerns rather than just listen to you talk.

With a few small changes and some extra work, you can motivate your team to be excited about the work they do. If your workers seem uninspired, check your own morale. It might be time to freshen things up for everyone, including yourself.

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