Assertiveness: How to Maintain Balance

Learn to Be More Assertive Without Being a Bully

Success in a professional environment requires a delicate balance. Showing assertiveness and self-confidence is a plus, but if you push too far, you could alienate the people you work with every day. The key is to have the self-confidence necessary to navigate the business landscape while still working well with teammates and clients.

Some people mistakenly think assertiveness is a quality that someone either has or doesn’t. In fact, you can learn and cultivate assertiveness over time. With Training Solutions’ course, Assertiveness: How to Maintain Balance, you learn what self-confidence and assertiveness are, how they can help you in your daily life, and how to develop great traits that will serve you well in an office setting. Below are a few highlights of what you’ll learn.

What Is Assertiveness?

Although assertiveness and self-confidence can both be generically defined, the important question is, “What do these words mean to you?” The course takes a look at the four communication styles: passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive, and assertive, differentiating between each. In studying these, you’ll learn the difference between assertiveness and other, less desirable, modes of communication.

Dealing with Obstacles

Successful businesspeople set achievable goals and diligently work toward meeting them. Unfortunately, the path to reaching your goals will inevitably be filled with obstacles. Assertiveness: How to Maintain Balance describes those obstacles and helps you recognize and eliminate them. You’ll learn to see how your own reaction to adversity affects what happens next.

Communication Strategies

As valuable as it is to feel assertive and confident, how you use that to communicate with others is even more important. Through communication skills training, you’ll get a look at various strategies that will help you get better results from your interactions. Those include developing active listening skills and making sure your body language sends the right message every time.

Dealing with Difficult People

Business teams are always a mix of personalities and, unfortunately, you’ll occasionally encounter someone who clashes with you. They may even clash with everyone around you. We’ll help you come up with ways to cope with these people, not only for your own mental health, but also to be able to build stronger working relationships with them.

Assertiveness: How to Maintain Balance is taught by Dr. Maggie Sizer, who has more than 15 years of experience in career coaching and training. Through this training, she’ll help you improve your own workplace interactions so that you can build a happier, more productive professional life.

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