Dr. Maggie Sizer on Developing Effective Leadership Skills

Anyone who’s ever had a job knows the value of skilled leadership. A bad boss can make even the best job miserable, while a good boss can inspire you to do your best work, no matter what the circumstances. Over her two decades working in higher education, Dr. Maggie Sizer personally experienced a variety of leadership styles, including spending some time under a leader who wasn’t the best at it. She has also learned that many leaders struggle with their self-image.

Her own experiences inspired Dr. Sizer to create On Track Coaching, LLC, a company that works directly with leaders to help them develop the skills they need. Since 2014, Dr. Sizer has worked with professionals in a variety of industries to help them develop the skills they need to thrive in their positions. Recently, she spoke to Elevate Radio FM about the work On Track Coaching does to help business leaders.

How It Works

On Track Coaching, LLC kicks off every new client relationship with a climate assessment, which helps Dr. Sizer determine exactly what type of training is needed. She then customizes the solution to fit the organization’s unique needs, whether that means coming to their location, having employees attend training offsite, or providing training online.

Types of Training

The training provided by On Track Coaching, LLC focuses heavily on soft skills like team-building, emotional intelligence, and communication. At any time, professionals can browse the offerings on the On Track Coaching, LLC website by visiting ontrackcoaching.net/training. In addition to classes, Dr. Sizer also sends out a monthly newsletter that’s packed with useful tips for leaders. 

Ongoing Coaching

On Track Coaching’s approach goes beyond initial classes. Dr. Sizer works with leaders on an ongoing basis, offering coaching that keeps those lessons going in the months and years to follow. Instead of falling back into their same patterns, this one-on-one coaching allows leaders to continue to hone their skills so that they’re prepared to tackle any challenge.

Maggie’s Background

What sets On Track Coaching, LLC apart from other leadership training offerings is Dr. Sizer’s impressive background. She got her start as an air traffic controller for the United States Military, where she learned to work under intense pressure. She followed this with a brief stint in the private sector, working in leadership while she earned her PhD. Once she’d earned her PhD, though, she chose adult education as a profession, and that was where she developed the training skills she puts to use today.

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