Eliminate Turnovers in Your Organization

Every time you lose an employee, a time-consuming and costly process begins. You have to not only put effort into recruiting and vetting the best person to fill the vacant position, but you also must onboard and train the new employee. One of the best things you can do for your annual budget is to retain as many workers as you can.

By learning more about the employees you currently have, you can do what it takes to ensure you’re spending less time hiring and training. Using OnTrack Coaching’s TriMetrix® HD, you can get to know each person on your team, which will help you keep morale high and turnover low.

Identify Top Talent

To better invest employees in your organization, it’s important that you invest in their careers. TriMetrix® HD gives you an in-depth look at the various behavioral traits, core competencies, and driving forces behind each employee. This can give you the very information you need to map a career path for each valued team member. When you sit down with an employee and show that you’ve put time into these assessments, you’re more likely to see loyalty, especially if the employee has plenty of future opportunity with your organization.

Improve Communication

Improved morale goes beyond keeping employees around. It’s also been linked to increased productivity. One top reason for low morale is simply that employees feel no connection to the organization’s mission. By learning what drives each employee, you’ll better be able to attach the value of what you’re doing to that specific motivation. A team member who is driven by altruism, for example, will be more likely to connect with projects that directly benefit others.

Create a Positive Work Culture

Work culture is closely tied to employee retention, but it isn’t as easy as setting up a ping pong table in the break room. No matter what environment your workplace features, there will be some people who are the wrong culture fit. Assessments can help you get to know the type of workplace that will fit the behavioral traits of the people you already have. This information can also be put to use as you interview and hire new people, allowing you to choose someone who fits with the team you already have.

TriMetrix® HD will not only give you a thorough view of your team, but it will also show your employees you’re taking a proactive approach to creating a positive environment for everyone. When you understand your own employees, you’re better able to plot a future career path for each of them, which will also help with promotions.

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