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Project Management Fundamentals - Two Days


Project managers wear more hats than almost anyone. They’re planners, schedulers, and big-picture thinkers. Project managers must be team builders, coaches, and motivators. They need to know how to negotiate for more time, more resources, and fewer changes. They’ve got to be smart risk takers, turn-on-a-dime decision makers, and communicators extraordinaire.

This two-day workshop is the most practical and comprehensive introduction to the many facets of project management you’ll find anywhere.

As a participant, you will get a thorough briefing in the nuts and bolts of planning, scheduling, and budgeting. You’ll discover the communication skills it takes to get ideas, instructions, and requests across quickly and accurately. You will learn how to stay on top of deadlines and expenses, ways to rebound quickly from surprises and setbacks, and how to get the best from people who don’t normally report to you.

Everyone who attends this workshop will come away in a strong position to lead any project with confidence and discipline — from drawing board to finished product.

This is multidiscipline training that will make you a better all-around project manager …

  • Learn the imperative questions to ask before you even begin — get the information that will make certain you key in on what is expected, by when, and at what cost
  • Practice using the planning and scheduling tools that professional project managers use (Critical path method, work breakdown structures, project management software, and others)
  • Discover the best places to find the people you’ll need, how to articulate the kind of skills, attitudes, and work habits you’re looking for, and ways to pry the people you want from their own work, maybe even from a reluctant boss
  • Implement the controls and safety nets you need to establish early on: learn how to set (and meet) milestones, gain confidence to negotiate for new deadlines if necessary, motivate a team that’s losing interest, and determine what to do when plans change midstream — or when the “Murphy factor” hits your project in a big way

Who will benefit most?

  • Self-taught project managers seeking formal training and new skills
  • Project teams having trouble juggling their tasks and responsibilities
  • People with limited experience in spearheading a project
  • Anyone about to step into a project manager role for the first time

On-demand PMP Exam Prep Course​

This self-paced online course will help you advance your project management skills. Leveraging real-world scenarios from various industries to help you apply principles and concepts.

Top Reasons to take the PMI Authorized On-demand PMP Exam Prep:

Set your own study schedule: The On-demand PMP Prep course is structured to be self-paced, so you can take this course as it fits to your schedule.

 35 Training Hours: This course will satisfy the 35 training hours required to apply for the PMP Certification.

Self-Study: If you work better on your own or just need a refresher, this course is the perfect option for you!

PMI 5-Day Bootcamp For PMP Certification Prep

The purpose of this course is to prepare students for the PMP Exam. Students will practice exam questions and build more on what they will be getting on their exams. Having a PMP Certification validates that you are among the best- highly skilled in:

People: Recognizing you have the expertise to effectively lead and motivate a project team through all phases.

Process: Demonstrating predictive, agile and hybrid approaches and the ability to determine the best model, based on the challenge at hand.

Business Environment: Highlighting the success of a project and its impact on overall strategic organizational goals.

This course will earn 35 PDUs

With PMP certification, you not only show potential employers you have the experience and knowledge to drive successful projects – you showcase your ability to adapt to any project environment. In any industry. Anywhere around the world.

The PMP proves you work smarter – It proves you have the skills to drive project success and business results to increase your organization’s impact in the office or around the world.

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