Selecting the Right Candidate When Promoting from Within

Promoting from within can be much trickier than it seems on the surface. If there’s only one clear candidate for the position, the biggest complication is making sure you don’t ruffle any feathers among the people you don’t choose. However, if you have multiple qualified candidates, you’ll also want to make sure you choose the right person for the position.

Today’s successful businesses take a data-based approach to human resources decisions. Using the TriMetrix® HD assessment from OnTrack Coaching, organizations of all sizes can ensure they’re making the best hiring and promotional decisions. Using this tool, you can much more easily identify the behavioral traits that fit best with the position you have open.

TriMetrix® HD in Use

When TPI Hospitality wanted to fill an empty position internally, the company faced a dilemma. There were so many qualified candidates, choosing just one would be challenging. They used TriMetrix® HD to get a deeper picture of each candidate, immediately revealing several clear frontrunners. From that, the team at TPI Hospitality could narrow down the talent pool and use other factors to choose the best person for the job.

Determining Top Traits

Before you can locate the best person for any position, you need to first understand who that person is. Outline all the traits the ideal employee would have, such as the ability to lead large projects or a talent for planning ahead. Look at lists of common soft skills and extract the ones that will apply to the position in question. This helps you think beyond the hard skills that are usually included in job descriptions.

Assessing Your Team

With TriMetrix® HD, each employee takes a test that assesses core competencies, behaviors, motivating factors, driving forces, and acumen. This information is provided in a 55-point analysis, rating features like understanding others, conflict management skills, decision making, and time and priority management. You can then match the traits to the most important traits you identified when you took a deep dive into what the position will involve. As you identify the best matches, you’ll then be able to look at other factors such as performance history and years of service to make your final decision.

Before you promote from within, take some time to assess both the position and the people who qualify for it to find the right fit the first time. Not only will the process help you identify the perfect candidate, but it will also teach you more about the other members of your team, allowing you to work with them to find the perfect career path within your organization.

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