Understanding the Everything DiSC® Management Assessment

Professionals often train and study for years before landing a specialized role in a company. But not all managers are trained in leading a team. Even with formal training, ongoing education can be a great way to learn new strategies and brush up on what you already know.

The Everything DiSC® Management Assessment can help you personalize the education you receive by first helping you understand your strengths. You’ll also get the information necessary to see where improvements can be made. Over time, this will not only help you identify additional training that can help you, but you’ll also gain insights that will boost your everyday interactions.

What Is the Everything DiSC® Management Assessment?

If you present ten managers with the same situation, all ten will react differently. Why the difference? Each manager has a unique personality that is a combination of background and genetics. Things get even more complicated when you consider that every team member has a separate personality.

With the Everything DiSC® Management Assessment, you’ll answer a series of questions, with your answers used to create a profile. You’ll then get a customized, detailed report that you can use to improve your management approach. Although there are Everything DiSC® assessments for a variety of positions, the Everything DiSC® Management Assessment is tailored to those in leadership positions.

What Does the Everything DiSC® Management Assessment Measure?

When your leadership team sits down to take the Everything DiSC® Management Assessment, you’ll be presented with an online interface that walks you through each question. You’ll be asked to rate various behavioral statements on a scale from one to five. The statements are geared toward determining your own management tendencies.

The Everything DiSC® Management Assessment rates your tendencies toward each of the following behavioral styles:

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness

Your personality style is likely a combination of one or more of these four types. But you’re stronger in some areas than you are in others. Understanding these strengths can be key to honing your leadership skills.

Benefits of the Everything DiSC® Management Assessment

You’ve probably taken quizzes before, but the Everything DiSC® Management Assessment is different. Your ratings will be used to create a profile, which will then be available in a series of modules filled with presentations and videos.

One of the biggest benefits of taking the Everything DiSC® Management Assessment is that you’ll have access to follow-up tools. These tools will help you put the information to use as you interact with your team members. If they take an Everything DiSC® assessment, you can even compare your employees’ reports with yours to learn how you can better work together.

You can extend the benefits of Everything DiSC® Management Assessments further through executive coaching. On Track Coaching offers executive coaching that can be customized to your own unique personality style. Click here for more information on our coaching services.

Want to check out the Everything DiSC® Management Assessment? You can view the details and purchase your assessment here. Or get in touch with our team. We’d love to hear from you and share how we can help you learn new management strategies (1-888-515-3131 or [email protected]).

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