Understanding the Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Assessment

If you work with others, conflict is inevitable. Failure to resolve those conflicts can lead to long-term resentments that hurt morale and zap productivity.

The Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Assessment uses a five-point scale to rate your behavior in conflict-related situations. Your responses are evaluated in order to show you where you fall on a scale of four main personality styles: dominance, influence, steadiness, or conscientiousness. Here are a few ways the Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Assessment can help you improve workplace communications.

Conflict Assessment for Employees

Interacting with others is an essential part of conducting business. When conflict arises, it can help to understand how your own personality type processes those situations. You may not fully grasp the personality types of everyone around you, but you’ll at least understand that others are different from you.

That’s where the Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Assessment can help. You’ll not only get a profile that shows where your personality falls, but you’ll also see how that style can more productively handle conflict. You’ll even get personalized communication strategies that you can put to work the next time you find yourself in a conflict.

Conflict Assessment for Leaders

Those who oversee a team of workers are in the tough position of moderating conflicts. When two team members are at odds, it’s important to not only understand how to defuse the situation, but also how to ensure all parties get resolution.

The first step is to understand the unique personality styles of everyone involved in the disagreement. If you have someone with an influence personality style at odds with someone who is a dominance style, you’ll know that the influence style is more of a people pleaser, while dominance personalities tend to say what’s on their mind. This will let you direct the conflict to the issue at hand and help the influence personality understand that it’s not personal.

Follow-Up and Coaching

The Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Assessment includes follow-up tools that will help you use what you’ve learned in future conflicts. You can even get a side-by-side comparison report that lets you see how various members of your team are likely to approach conflict, based on their personality styles.

Even with those tools, though, executive coaching can help your leadership team put these assessments to even better use. OnTrack Coaching offers a wide range of executive coaching options. We can take the information from your Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Assessment and use it to help you refine your own approach to resolving conflict as a manager, as well as handling conflict when you’re involved.

Want to check out the Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Assessment? You can view the details and purchase your assessment here. Or get in touch with our team. We’d love to hear from you and share how we can help you resolve conflicts productively (1-888-515-3131 or [email protected]).

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