Being a good leader isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone. In fact, even the best leaders in the field strive to improve. But there’s no shortage of ways to learn more about how to be a better leader. The key is to identify opportunities that are the most effective.

What better way than to learn from the experts? The Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Assessment does just that, pulling best practices from 300 experts spanning 150 organizations to help leaders hone their own skills. If you’re a leader, or your business has a leadership team, here’s how you can benefit from the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Assessment.

Who Benefits from the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Assessment?

Everyone from CEOs of large corporations to small business owners can enjoy benefits from leadership assessments. This one, in particular, can be beneficial to even lifelong managers with years of leadership experience. The assessment focuses on one unified model of leadership: Vision, Alignment, and Execution.

But experienced leaders aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this assessment. It might be extremely useful to aspiring and beginning leaders who want to start building health leadership habits as early as possible in their careers.

How the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Assessment Works

As with other Everything DiSC® assessments, the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Assessment starts with a thorough evaluation that has participants rating certain behaviors on a five-point scale. The responses to these questions will be used to generate an in-depth report that provides insights into each individual’s personality style.

But these insights don’t just tell participants what their style is. You’ll get insights that will help you find areas for improvement. You can then use the information to become a more effective leader. Best of all, the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Assessment includes tools that will help you put the data to use. If you’re using the assessments for your entire team, you can even get a team view that will show you where strengths and weaknesses exist among the group.

You can give those results a boost by working with a leadership coach. On Track Coaching, LLC offers leadership training that can be customized to the information generated by the Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders Assessment. We can work with individuals or an entire team to create a leadership strategy that plays to those strengths while also helping leaders improve where improvements are needed.