Are You a Likable Boss? This Course Can Help

Everyone wants to be liked, but in the course of doing business, maintaining likability can be tough. You want to make sure your team works hard toward their goals, and sometimes that means being stern, especially if one or more team members are being insubordinate. But toxic supervisory behaviors result in low morale and increased turnover.

The good news is, you can achieve that likability that’s so important to a positive work culture while still maintaining control. In a new course titled How to Become a More Likeable Boss, OnTrack Coaching’s Dr. Maggie Sizer provides techniques to help you become the type of boss employees like without losing their respect. Here are a few things you’ll learn in Dr. Sizer’s course.

Finding the Middle Ground

Leaders often grapple with whether to be liked or feared. There are pros and cons to each. The key is to find a middle ground where you show your employees they’re valued on a regular basis while also setting and enforcing boundaries.

Designing the Right Leadership Strategy

Good leadership doesn’t just happen. It requires careful planning and strategizing. Through this course, you’ll learn various options for structuring your organization so that you can find the one that works for you. You’ll also learn to set and communicate goals with your team to ensure you’re all working toward the same thing.

Changing Perspective

Effective leadership often means motivating others to do what you need them to do. The key to this is considering each employee’s motivation and learning to play to that. How to Become a More Likable Boss reviews, in detail, how each person is the star of his own drama, as well as how to utilize a theory called Dramatism to get what you want.

Earning Team Trust

Trust is something you build gradually, and a large part of that is effective communication. You’ll learn how to issue constructive criticism and reinforce your support of your team through the things you say and do. You’ll walk away with strategies you can put to use every day.

How to Become a More Likable Boss is a 12-module course that takes place completely online. Each section has review questions to help you assess your comprehension. You’ll walk away learning to be a better communicator and to delegate to your staff in a way that not only accomplishes your goals, but also builds long-lasting professional relationships. 

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