Tips for Becoming More Productive at Work

There never seems to be enough hours in the day. If you feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels, you may wonder if you simply aren’t focused enough. But the truth is, productivity is an ongoing challenge for many people. Finding small ways to accomplish more can actually give you an edge over the competition.

One of the best ways to boost your productivity is to first understand the personality traits that are getting in your way. Using TTI Success Insights’ DISC: The Universal Language of Observable Behavior, you can identify the characteristics that get in the way of your own productivity, then put that information to use in getting more done each day.

Track and Analyze

When you look back over a typical day, do you really know where your time went? Apps can run in the background, collecting data on how you’re spending your time. Although these tools are great for client billing, they can also show you the hours you invested in answering emails, checking Facebook, and working in various applications.

Complete Easy Tasks First

No matter what your dominant personality traits are, everyone can benefit from a to-do list. If you’re driven by Compliance, you’re a task-oriented thinker who will be empowered by jotting items down and checking them off. One way to turbo-charge this is to follow the two-minute rule, which directs you to complete all items that can be done in two minutes or less first every morning.

Streamline Meetings

It’s no secret that many businesses waste an inordinate time in meetings each week. Constant meetings are especially disruptive to those whose primary traits are Dominance or Compliance since those two types thrive away from distractions and other people. Do your part to streamline meetings, arriving organized, and try to replace meetings with quick conversations or group emails where possible.

Eliminate Distractions

For Dominant and Compliant personality types, nothing can be better for productivity than time alone in a quiet space to just work. If that fits you, try to block out that time each day. However, even those dominated by Influence can find that their drive toward being around others gets in the way. Sometimes shutting off notifications and contact with others for an hour is exactly what you need to get some work done.

Don’t feel as though you have to double your productivity overnight. Even small changes you make can ensure your to-do list shrinks on a daily basis. Over time, you’ll find your new habits become second nature and you’re getting more done than ever.

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